Pantone Life Festival

One of the biggest retail store in Taiwan, Familymart, collaborated with Pantone and designer Aaron Nieh to created a series of stunning merchandise. The website aims to create a sophisticated look and feel on introducing the products under its campaign concept "Pantone Life Festival". The event site was released under three phases and runs a total period of two months.


UX/UI, Photography


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects


Extending its brand to digital presence
The concept of the whole campaign revolves around Pantone, a color system notable for design and production use. We want to extend the theme further down into our website. To compliment the product and not over empower it, we incorporated details in the micro level, loading screens, banner carousel transition, and lazy load animations.
The first thing user see when they arrive at the website is a loading screen with its background changing between the different colors of the event logo. The page also shows partnered collaborators so user have more information about the event.
Storytelling within the website
The objective of the website is to tell the product story in a linear way. After the loading screen, user sees a series of full page slideshow of the product in use. The intention is to entice them to learn more about the product.
Scrolling down, user arrive at the campaign mechanics, telling them the different ways they could redeem the merchandise. Further down the website, we highlighted the top product features accompanied by a few scenarios of the product in use, i.e. desktop storage box that are highly customizable into any combination.