Door-stop Sandal

Doorknobs and push bar handles are one of the frequently touched objects in public. During the COVID-19 outbreak, when proper hand hygiene has been essential to keep one from being healthy, the Door-stop Sandal is created to limit contact with these surface.

Inspired by "A foot in the door", the user could direct the sandal with remote control to hold the door for them when it is about to close.‍

Special thanks to Chenhe Zhang, Vince Shao


Product Design
Physical Computing


315 MHz Radio Frequency Receiver and Remote Control, Dual Shaft Motor


Son Luu

Design Process
The overall aesthetic of the device was inspired by the Japanese samurai sandals. It is accounted to be mobile, durable, and easy-carry. The dagger's handle contains remote control to trigger the footwear forward when pressed. The leash attached at the end leave spaces as it pass through the door.